Our Services


Classic Lash Extensions

Full Set $110.00 | Fill $55.00

Classic Lashes are applied one eyelash to one eyelash. This application provides a very natural and effortless everyday look.


Hybrid Lash Extensions

Full Set $135.00 | Fill $65.00

Hybrid Lashes are a mix of Classic and Volume lashes for a subtle, yet slightly more dramatic look in comparison to Classic Eyelash Extensions.


Volume Lash Extensions

Full Set $150.00 | Fill $75.00

Volume Lashes are handmade fans of 2-5 synthetic lashes that are then glued to one eyelash. This allows for a bold look by creating the illusion of hundreds of lashes.


Lash Lift and Tint

Lift and Tint $80.00 | Lash Lift $65.00 | Lash Tint $20.00

Relaxing service that will curl and tint your natural eyelashes. This service does not make your lashes any longer or thicker than what you already have. 


Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tint $20.00

Similar to the lift and tint, eyebrow tinting does not fill in where you do not have hair. This will only tint the hair that is already there.